Harbour Seal

Harbour Seal
Harbour Seal Harbour Seal
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Size (approx): 8 x 2.9 x 3.8cm*

Weight: 13g*

The Harbour Seal, also known as the Common Seal, can be brown, silvery white, tan, or grey,  and has V-shaped nostrils.  They can grow up to lengths of 1.85 meters and weigh as much as 168 kg.  Females can live up to 35 years and males up to 25 years.  They tend to stay in familiar resting spots, these generally being rocky areas (although they also use ice, sand and mud) where they are protected from weather conditions and predators and are near food. A fatty layer under the skin called "blubber", keeps them warm. Males sometimes fight over mates under the water and on land. Females have a single pup after a nine-month gestation and they care for the pup alone. Pups can weigh up to 16 kg (35 lb) and are able to swim and dive within hours of birth. They develop very quickly on their mothers fat rich milk and are weaned after four to six weeks. They will feed on a variety of fish including as salmon, anchovy, sea bass and herring. They have also been known to kill and eat different kinds of duck. They are found in coastal waters in the Northern Hemisphere, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the Baltic and North Seas.

Suitable from age 3+

*approximate size & weight

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