Polar Bear

Polar Bear
Polar Bear Polar Bear
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Size (approx): 11.3 x 3.5 x 6.5cm*

Weight: 43g*

Polar bears are also known as white bears and are massive carnivores native to the Arctic Circle in the northern hemisphere. Their favourite habitat is where the sea ice meets the ocean. Their thick fur and a layer of fat, known as blubber, insulates their bodies from the cold and near freezing water temperatures. They are known as hypercarnivores, meaning 70% of their diet comes from meat. Their main source of food is seals. Most kills are made when a seal surfaces in an air hole, or climbs onto the surface of the ice. They have an incredible sense of smell, being able to "sniff out" prey up to 16 km away! During the summer when the ice melts they will retreat north, to areas where the ice is frozen year-round. They can be found in the northernmost reaches of Canada, Russia, the United States (in Alaska), Norway, and Greenland.

Suitable from age 3+

*approximate size & weight

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