Giraffe Giraffe
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Size (approx): 10.7 x 3 x 13.8cm*

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Giraffes are the tallest living land animals on earth! Standing at over 18 ft. tall, these creatures are long-necked and long-legged, making these lanky animals perfectly built for browsing on tall trees and branches, taking advantage of food sources others cannot. Giraffes are herbivores, which means that they primarily feed on plants. Their primary diet is the leaves of trees and bushes, but they will also eat branches, bark, twigs, and some fruit. They use their long tongues to carefully pluck and strip leaves from branches. Today, giraffes are found in Niger, Chad, Sudan, Cameroon, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, and South Africa

Suitable from age 3+

*approximate size & weight

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