Swan Swan
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Size (approx): 5.9 x 2.3 x 4.4cm*

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The mute swan is a very large white waterbird. It has a long S-shaped neck and an orange bill with a black base. It flies with its neck extended with regular, slow wingbeats.  The population in the UK has increased recently maybe due to better protection.  Some birds stay in their territories all year, while others move short distances and form winter flocks. In cold weather, some birds arrive from Europe into eastern England. Their diet includes water plants, insects and snails. The mute swan breeds across most of the UK, other than in northern Scotland, mid-Wales and the moors of south-west England. It is possible to see them anywhere there is a shallow lake or a slow-flowing rivers. Even in urban areas and parks.

Suitable from age 3+

*approximate size & weight

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